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Small Metal Drawer Assortments (by Name-Type)

ASST061    ASST061
   Hex Bolts Grade 5 NC with Nuts/Flatwasher/Lockwashers Assortment
     - 1/4" to 3/8" dia.
   24 Sizes-Types, 725 Pieces
ASST060    ASST060
   Hex Bolts Grade 8.8 Course with Nuts/Flats/Lockwashers (Metric)
     - M6 to M10 dia.
   24 Sizes-Types, 725 Pieces
ASST044    ASST044
   Lock-Washers and Flat-Washers Assortment
   24 Sizes-Types, 1950 Pieces
ASST042    ASST042
   Retaining Rings (External and Internal) Assortment
   24 Sizes-Types, 640 Pieces
ASST040    ASST040
   Roll-Pins (Slotted Spring Pin) Assortment
     - 1/16" to 1/8" dia.
   24 Sizes-Types, 1500 Pieces
ASST041    ASST041
   Roll-Pins (Slotted Spring Pin) Assortment
     - 5/32" to 1/4" dia.
   20 Sizes-Types, 1250 Pieces
ASST043    ASST043
   Set Screw Assortment
     - Course and Fine Thread, Cup Point
   37 Sizes-Types, 630 Pieces

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24-hole Small Drawer


24-hole Small Drawer

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