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Various Storage Containers & Racks Assort's

ASST065    ASST065
   Threaded Rods and a Rack Assortment
     - 1/4" to 3/4" dia. NC, gr2 Bare, 3' long, and a 16 hole Rod Rack
   6 Sizes-Types, 65 Pieces
Misc. Assortments to be posted shortly include:
ASST211    ASST211
   Hose-Clamps and Rack Assortment
   10 Sizes-Types, 100 Pieces
ASST299    ASST299
   Keystock and Rack Assortment
   10 Sizes-Types, 25 Pieces

If what you require isn't mentioned just call, fax, email or use the Quick Order Form.

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