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Assortment Refills and Customization

About Assortments
Some people ask if the assortments includes the drawer/bin/ect..., yes it does.
Just click the "our Assortments" button above, & see, it says by container type.
And each assortment webpage tells you the container type in it's title too.
If you just want a refill then let us know you've got the container (or purchased that assortment before) and would like a refill, and we'll give you a qoutation ASAP.
Refills are the contents of the Assortment, minus the container.
Refilling a container can be done in-store or sent to you in clearly marked packages.
Lets say you've seen an assortment in a Small Metal Drawer DS24C but want it in a Large.   No problem, just tell us and well give you a qoutation.
And to go from a larger size to a smaller container may require some change in the quantities to make it fit, unless you order it as a refill.
Our custom assortments can be made to your exacting requirements or to a general range.   Either way, let us know what your looking for and we'll send you a qoutation.
  Canadian Prices.   Can't find what you need?   Just give us a call/fax or E-Request today.

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