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Modular Storage Unit Ideas (Click Image to Enlarge)

Model 651    8x Large Drawers 102-95, 2x Drawer Racks 310B-95, -
     Utility Cabinet 055-95, 40-hole Bin 359-95, Base 364
     - 34" wide x 59.5" High x 12.25" Deep
   Gray Baked Enamel, 13 Pieces
Model 651SNG    Same as above but can be padlocked to secure contents.
   with 2x rack locks 312, and Doors for bin 366-95
   Gray Baked Enamel, 15 Pieces

Model 652    Lockable 2-Door Utility Cabinet 338-95, 40-hole Bin359-95, Base364-95
     - 33.75" wide x 56.15" High x 12" Deep
   Gray Baked Enamel, 3 Pieces
Model 656    18-hole Bin359-95, 48-Pull Drawers Cabinet007-95, Base364-95
     - 33.75" wide x 57.65" High x 12" Deep
   Gray Baked Enamel, 51 Pieces

If what you require isn't mentioned just call, fax, email or use the Quick Order Form.
Some storage products may have un-related items pictured with them that are not included with said product.

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