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Ordering Abbreviations  
    Assortment        = assort
    Assortment        = asst
    Bare              = bare
    Black Oxide       = b-oxide
    Blade/Slot Drive  = slot
    Catalogue         = cat.
    Counter Sunk Head = flat hd
    Course Thread     = NC
    Drive             = drv
    Feet              = ft
    Feet              = '
    Fine Thread       = NF
    Flat/Slot Drive   = slot
    Flat Head         = flat hd
    Flat Washer       = flats
    Grade             = gr
    Hex Head Bolt     = hex bolt
    Hex Shoulder Bolt = shoulder bolt
    Hex Socket Head   = soc hd caps
    Hex Nut           = nut
    Inches            = "
    Lock Washer       = locks
    Nylon Insert Nut  = nylocks
    Nylon Lock Nut    = nylocks
    Oval Head         = oval hd
    Pan Head          = pan hd
    Panel Retainer    = xmas tree
    Phillips Drive    = phil
    Pick-Up (for...)  = PU
    Pieces (# of...)  = pcs
    Plated            = pltd
    Purchase Order    = PO#
    Quantity          = Qty
    Red Robbie        = sqr soc
    Round Head        = rnd hd
    Robbertson Drive  = sqr soc
    Sheet Metal Screw = SMS
    Slot/Blade Drive  = slot
    Slot & Sqr Socket = slocket
    Socket            = soc
    Socket Head Caps  = soc hd caps
    Square Socket     = sqr soc
    Stover C Lock Nut = Stvr C LN
    Tapping Screw     = TS
    Threads Per Inch  = TPI
    Trim Retainer     = xmas tree
    Truss Head        = truss hd
    Wood Screw        = WS

Use the Order Form Reference for a quick reference.
We have an ordering FAQs page (when in doubt, look here).
We also have a Terms and Conditions page.
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