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The Autocomplete feature saves your previous entries for addresses, forms, and other fields.
When you type information in one of these fields, AutoComplete lists possible matches as you type.
If a suggestion in the list matches what you want to enter in that field, click the suggestion.
If no suggestion matches what you are typing, continue typing.
The information used for suggested matches is stored on your computer and is encrypted to protect your privacy.   Web sites cannot gain access to this information.   They can receive only what you explicitly enter in forms.   When typing information in Web forms, and typing passwords, you can remove an item from the list of suggestions by clicking the item and then pressing the DELETE key.
You can change the info by letting Autocomplete fill out the Order Form, then you click a field and backspace the information out of it, now type the information you want in the field and upon sending the Order Form, Autocomplete will remember the changes.
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We do have some abbreviations to keep typing to a minimum.
Use the Order Form Reference for a quick reference.
We also have a Terms and Conditions page.
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