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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Retail to the general public?   Yes, we are open to the general public.
  • Credit Card numbers:   Please do not send your card information by email or the Quick Order Form, especially if your dropping-by to pickup the order anyways...
    Any person submitting sensitive information like Credit Card numbers over the internet (via email or the Quick Order Form) has agreed to take full responsibilty and risk, for the security and privacy by both implied consent and by action of submitting said information.
    Find More information here on Credit Cards, or International Orders.
  • If you have an account with us, we need the company-name, your name and phone number for online orders.   Please see Autocomplete section below.
  • PDF   You see the Icon, but when bookmarking the website the Icon disappears?
    Try clicking this link:  http://www.faccafasteners.com/favicon.ico
    Then click your refresh button    Image of a Refresh Button    and that's all there is to it.
    Internet Explorer users find this to be hit and miss.   (See Microsoft for more answers)
  • Autocomplete:  Completely fill out the order form (the first time) and click the Send Form button.  A small message box will popup asking to "turn on autocomplete" or to "save the information on this form".  Now every time you return to the Quick Order Form, Autocomplete will fill out the form for you.
    See our webpage on Autocomplete: for additional information on this feature.
  • Please view our Terms and Conditions for further information. (like the above query)
  • Pictures or any attachments can not be sent through the quick order form.
    E-Mail attachments & pictures to us, using the Subject "Order with Attachments" to sales@faccafasteners.com
  • Seeing pictures with Green Backgrounds then click here.
  • Website Secrets almost every image on this website has some alternative text.   Hover your mouse cursor over an image for 1 to 3 seconds and the text should appear.
    Try it yourself with this picture. HTML Icon, half of Netscape and half of Internet Explorer
    Although descriptive text is desired, occasionally time and other factors, may have lead us to overlook or limit the alternative text.
  • FAQs = Frequently Asked Questions and QOF = Quick Order Form.
  • Clicking links in Quick Order Form or one that has Adobe Acrobat PDF will open the new instance of my/your web-browser.   Yes, this is currently a general website design standard.
  • PDF  Acrobat PDF files may ask "save to disk", but you can "open file at current location".
  • Canadian Flag.  The Canadian Flag is just a reminder that the prices are in Canadian dollars.  Canadian Currency.
  • What's this Reporting Broken Link?
    So theres a broken URL at this site, just tell me the page you were on and what link was broken, and please include your email address.
       ie) on the Products page the link to Duct Tapes is broken.
  • "The same link is still broken!"
    Please clearly tell the Website Administration what page you were on and what page you wanted to see, and include your current email address too.
    I don't understand, how can I do that?
    If you click a URL/link (at this website) and it's broken, then click the back button, Copy the URL From the address bar, click the Quick Order Form change "Work Order" to "Reporting Broken Link", now click in the big empty text box and paste the URL into it.   Press Enter and type the name of the link that was broken.

  • Print Preview Problems
    The Print Preview for the latest versions of Internet Explorer didn't work properly for some webpages, but this website has been fixed.  (Thanks for letting us know Jeff.)
    Just why this happened and why it happens on other websites:
    If an Image has it's  height=  property set and it's  ="936"  or less it'll preview fine, but if it's set to  ="937"  or larger than Internet Explorer just keeps adding a dozen print preview pages every second your in the print preview, and printing it isn't so good either.
    Now this website has been fixed up, but if you find a page like that on this website, click your refresh button and if that doesn't fix it than please let us know.
  • Website Linking Questions...
    Facca Fasteners is not responsible for information contained on sites linked to or from this web site.   Such links are provided solely as a source of additional information.
         Facca Fasteners Website Logo Design         The Fastener Connection Website Logo Design         Facca Fasteners Website Icon

We do have some abbreviations to keep typing to a minimum.
Use the Order Form Reference for a quick reference.
We also have a Terms and Conditions page.
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