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NOTE: This product will be discontinued.
Availablity depends on what remains in stock.


Lacquer Aerosol Spray   

Lacquer Enamel Spray Aerosol Paint cans
The L100 series offers suberb dry, coverage, adhesion and durability over bare or painted surfaces.   For interior or exterior use.   May be used over untreated surfaces, however, outstanding results are obtained when used over the sandfast primer system.   Provides a hard and durable protective shield for wood and metal surfaces such as floors, furniture, doors, countertops and garden furniture.
Tack Free Dry Time:   4-5 [Minutes]
Hard Dry Time:   15-15 [Hours]
Full Cure Dry Time:   48-48 [Hours]
Tech:   A nitrocellulose based lacquer.
Special Instructions:   Ideally, use over P100 Series Primer.   Make sure surface is free from oil, grease and dirt.   Spray in short, even strokes from a distance of 6" to 10".   One coat will generally be satisfactory, but if a second coat is required, re-coat at anytime.

Lacquer Enamel Spray Aerosol Paint cans Colour Samples     PN#          Description

L118 Lacquer Spray Aerosol Primer     L118       Clear Lacquer

L119 Lacquer Spray Aerosol Primer     L119       Semi-Gloss Black

L122 Lacquer Spray Aerosol Primer     L122       Super White

L123 Lacquer Spray Aerosol Primer     L123       Gloss Black

L124 Lacquer Spray Aerosol Primer     L124       Flat Black

L125 Lacquer Spray Aerosol Primer     L125       Clear Matte Acrylic

L126 Lacquer Spray Aerosol Primer     L126       Clear Gloss Acrylic

NOTE:   The colour samples seen on a website may vary from PC to PC, with different monitors and video cards.

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